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    Luuk Kuijper

    For Sale: Finn Classic NED60 April 2015

    CNC milled centreboard BLACK anodized
    Devoti aft cockpit 2 x drainage tube one piece
    Pair of carbon centreboard support
    Continuous line system
    Splicing of the control lines ( with steel eye on top of CB
    Devoti Cleat lifters under the control line cleats
    Harken Central Swivel turn able with cam cleat for the main sheet incl. lifter
    Boat fully fitted by Ronstan
    CARBON epoxy rudder with Fixed CARBON tiller
    CARBON 1250 mm tiller extension
    Pair of laminated carbon designed pad extenders BIG MODEL NEW !!!
    Carbon foot step Devoti Model
    Hand-adjustable centreboard bolt
    Gun whale filling
    Rear hull part soft lamination with extra stiffness in transom (centra rib to the cockpit end)
    Automatic Mini bailer instead of standard Mini bailer
    Automatic Big bailer instead of standard Big bailer
    All 4 trim cleats in low position on the 45-angle degree part

    Fore deck colour: light blue with white band around
    Aft deck colour: light blue with white band around
    Light blue goes down to cockpit floor.
    Side deck: White
    Below 45 angle degrees part till floor dark Grey
    Internal colour: light blue
    Non-slip floor colour: Black
    Capping colour: dark grey
    Hull: White


    Wilke mast 2009
    Fore & Aft 86 115 84 510
    Sideways 75 117 107 365

    North sail: HB1 (5 regatta’s used)
    Doyle Raudaschl DR16L 2016 (WK masters and ONK used)

    Top cover breathable heavy cloth UV resistant
    Under cover
    Rudder cover
    Tiller cover
    Boom cover
    Mast cover
    Regatta Mast cover, as a protection against UV
    Centreboard protection pad cover
    Tacktick compas

    Aluminium launching trolley with cradle
    R.H.C. Double road trailer incl. lift system, spare wheel and mast supports

    Price: € 15.750,=

    Only for sale as complete package
    Photo’s on request


    Luuk Kuijper
    Tel: +31651780226

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